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Latest Version
LeapDroid 18.0.0
Sep 05, 2018
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System Requirements
Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Description about LeapDroid

The creators at LeapDroid released the updated version of LeapDroid for Windows 18.0.0 for Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64 users on Sep 05, 2018. LeapDroid emulator free download could be a complete android emulator that easily can be accessed on your Windows system, enabling you to induce the complete android experience on your system while not owning an android device. With many other alternative Android emulators out there that let you modify to use android apps on your PC, however, LeapDroid 64 bit download helps to manage apps and even install games. It permits you to get a very new experience with such apps and games. LeapDroid is a nice android emulator that you will use to form an android platform on your Windows laptop and can also be a good way to check the system.

LeapDroid emulator can emulate android up to the 4.4 version. It’s an older version of android, however, one in all a lot of stable versions that may provide you a satisfactory experience as compared to other such apps. The most important advantage of using an emulator like this one is that you will use the apps and games that go along with android on your system. It’s a special experience, as you’ll play all the games and use all the apps within the android platform on your computer along with your mouse and keyboard. 

What is in the updated version of LeapDroid for PC? 

LeapDroid's latest version came out with many advanced features newly added to increase the efficiency and provide the utmost Android experience the users are seeking. With making Android apps available for your Windows system, it is a cross-platform program that works with almost every device and gaming console.  You can also sync your device with the system and operate it as a controller while gaming. The coding is so smartly done as it just takes a few seconds to make the program function. The speed has been increased with many customizations options like gestures, touchscreens, buttons, etc. Multiple accounts can be made now to play games. Even visuals can be adjusted according to the user preferences, along with the support of the open graphics library for the Windows system. 

Editors Review:

LeapDroid PC download has loads of features for emulators of the Android operating system that are built to work on any latest version of Windows. It permits computer users to get started with a virtual-like machine without any extra effort setting directly on their desktop that may run a good type of apps, from light-weight social network apps to fun apps, productivity apps, and even games for Android. This is gained by emulating the Android 4.4version, which is not the latest, however a very smooth version of the Android OS that's still compatible with several of the latest apps. The exclusivity of this emulator is gained with the access of its main feature – the flexibility to keymap numerous functions via fingertips. While using this tool, you'll experience some in-use macros that may emulate varied components of the interface, together with cursor movement, key taps, keyboard keys, left mouse button tabs, and more.

Features of highlights:

Let’s look at the features offered by the LeapDroid emulator 

  • Compatibility- The program is compatible with almost all the android apps for Windows, which includes games and many productivity apps. 
  • Speed- Even if the Android is running in windows, there is no effect with the speed, and gives a fast performance. 
  • Let you customize- To set your preferences more precisely it lets you customize and even helps you customize through tutorials. 
  • Lightweight- The program doesn’t take much of the space of your system or creates any malfunctions. 
  • Gives Android experience- The application is built for letting users experience apps and games for Android on their computers. 
  • Easy to use and install- With such an easy and simple interface it is easy to understand to use even if you are new to the app. 
  • Key Mapping function- With certain hotkeys and mouse, apps allow you to control apps differently and command. 

Pros of LeapDroid:

  • Simple installation 
  • Powerful keymapping
  • Easy to use
  • No Ads 
  • Full-featured 
  • Fast rendering of games
  • Lightweight 
  • Compatibility benefits 

Cons of LeapDroid:

  • Low-end specs
  • Might lag with large games or apps 
  • No help center 
  • Might not work with a few apps
  • Issues with camera 

Bottom Line:

LeapDroid emulators and other emulators in the market for Android are great in comparison to the competition with others, the list of problems is way shorter, and thus, LeapDroid has been downloaded and installed on PCs via a large number of users and gamers. Since the system needs are low and the application is lightweight, it doesn’t take a toll on your computer and permits you to run native Windows apps without difficulty.

If you’re trying to find a free Android for PC that handles each productivity and gaming well, LeapDroid is going to be a superb selection one can make. Whereas, you’ll experience a bug-free program, except for a number of hiccups here and there while using the program. It’s worth mentioning that LeapDroid causes a number of problems with the camera, and it’s better to consider the phone’s native camera for clicking photos or capturing videos.


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