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IObit Uninstaller

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IObit Uninstaller
Oct 15, 2020
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System Requirements
Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about IObit Uninstaller

The latest version, released on Oct 15, 2020, of IObit Uninstaller, is downloadable for free on Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 PC. It is a utility to get rid of unwanted applications, browser plugins, unnecessary toolbars that hog up space on your computer and impact its performance negatively.

What’s new in this Version of IObit Uninstaller

Improved leftover scanning to eliminate more unnecessary files and registry entries, enhanced uninstallation mechanism for very large programs, you can now remove 210 more redundant programs, the addition of Indonesian language, installation monitor to view the changes made to the PC while installing a program.

Editor’s Review

We download quite a lot of applications on our computers. A time comes when we forget about most of them, or they are no longer needed. Such programs take up a big chunk of the available disk space and PC resources, making the computer slow and full of bugs. Therefore, it is advisable to download IObit Uninstaller, i.e., free software that lets you remove the software, Windows applications, and browser plugins that you do not need anymore. In addition to helping you uninstall unwanted programs, it also lets you update the applications easily.

Features and Highlights

Here are the top features you get after downloading IObit Uninstaller on your Windows Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, 32 Bit/64 Bit computers.

  • Bundleware uninstallation: Some programs come unnecessarily bundled with software you download. With IObit Uninstaller, you can monitor these secretly installed programs and uninstall them if they are unwanted.
  • Quick uninstall: It allows you to uninstall a program quickly from its window, along with removing its desktop and system tray icons.
  • Advanced uninstall:  The standard uninstallation allows you to remove any program, like the in-built Windows uninstaller. But with advanced uninstall, you can also delete the program leftovers from the Windows registry and hard drive.
  • Bulk uninstall: Uninstalling unneeded programs one-by-one can be a bit cumbersome for some users. Therefore, IObit Uninstaller lets you uninstall software in bulk.
  • Safer browsing: You can download the full version of IObit Uninstaller on your Windows 10 or older computer to have a secure browsing experience. It removes all malicious plugins and toolbars. Moreover, it also blocks annoying pop-up notifications to let you browse without any disturbances.
  • Software updater: In addition to letting you remove unwanted programs, it also lets you update the outdated software existing on your computer effortlessly.

Pros of IObit Uninstaller

Below is what makes IObit Uninstaller one of the best free downloadable uninstallation programs for Windows 10 and older OS versions.

  • Its interface is friendly enough for beginners.
  • There are plenty of useful tools.
  • It removes the unwanted application and its leftovers completely.
  • Fast detection and deletion of residual files.

Cons of IObit Uninstaller

Here is why you may not like to download IObit Uninstaller, even if it is freeware.

  • It attempts to install other programs from IObit on your computer.
  • Sometimes, it may irritate you with advertisements.
  • IObit Uninstaller does not work in real-time, i.e., you need to restart it to view the updated list of programs on your PC.

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

Below we compare the free to download and full, i.e., paid version of IObit Uninstaller.

Free Version Paid Version
No uninstallation of bundled programs.It lets you uninstall the bundled software along with the main one.
It does not remove malicious plugins.Removal of malicious plugins is available.
No automatic undoing of system changes while removing unwanted software.Removes the system changes made by unwanted programs automatically.
Auto-cleaning of the application leftovers is unavailable.Automatically removes the application leftovers.
Software updater is not available.It comes with a one-click software updater.
No auto-update to the latest version.It updates to the latest version automatically.
You do not get technical support.The technical support is available 24*7.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a powerful uninstaller for PC, then you can download IObit Uninstaller for free on Windows 10 and older versions. It lets you uninstall the unwanted programs quickly and easily for improved PC performance.


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