GTA Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Aug 04, 2020
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Description about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is the 6th section in the extremely famous crime video game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. This game revolves around an ex-convict gangster Tommy Vercetti and how he manages to steer the underworld gangs of the eponymous Vice City. Recently, the developers at Grand Theft Auto have come with [version] on [date] for the users of Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10. Due to the latest update, the reviews of this game have improved exponentially. If you are a GTA fan, then without any further ado, download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City now. 

This game features realistic graphics that are displayed in a third-person POV. It is beautifully designed with its 1980s decade aesthetic and neon colors. Making the scene, characters, and vehicle design all look interesting and unique. 

What’s New in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The new version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has managed to get rid of all the graphics issues. It was one of the major problems that occurred to the gamers initially.  The constant updates have evolved the game impressively. Additionally, all the other bugs and issues have been resolved to enhance Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. 

Editor’s Review

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ensures to take full advantage of PlayStation 2 hardware. This game is praised for the open-world design found in its predecessor, new action gameplay modes, period-accurate music, and sounds. As this game is played from a third-person perspective, the player gets to explore and fight across the vast city in vehicles. Additionally, it has an open-ended mission structure so the players just have to complete the main mission, explore the city, activate various side missions, and find their own interest in the game. 

Nevertheless, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City generated controversies and lawsuits as this game popularizes high-octane vehicular combat, violence, interaction with criminal organizations and gangs. But it still managed to become one of the most popular games on PlayStation 2. In addition, this game is optimized for both keyboard & mouse and gamepad play. Overall, this version of Grand Theft Auto has allowed the user to explore the game accordingly.

Features and Highlights

  • Highly Optimized: It is completely optimized for gamepad, mouse, and keyboard play and for usage on modem Windows 0S.
  • Open-world: This video game is an expansive open-world that serves incredible action, travel, and free-form sandbox gameplay. 
  • Various campaign content: The main campaign has over 20-hours of content and an enormous number of hours of side challenges. 
  • Advanced vehicles: You are allowed to drive various period-appropriate vehicles like trucks, bikes, and cars. 
  • Guides and tutorials: If you are new to the GTA fandom, then the tutorial and guides available on the internet will help you throughout the entire game. 
  • Control: The player gets control over the big arsenal of sidearms, allowing you to make a name for yourself as a wicked ruler of the city. 

Pros of playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The perks of playing this version of GTA video game are mentioned below:

  • Modern
  • Impressive graphics
  • Tutorials
  • Optimized

Cons of play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The following are the limitations of playing this video game that you might want to consider:

  • Expensive
  • Complex installation process

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is one of the most interesting games in the GTA series. This game popularizes large-scale sidearm shootouts, brutality, and cruel interaction with gangs and criminal groups but still manages to seek public attention. The large open-world will allow the player to explore, involve himself in some incredible actions, and experience free-form sandbox gameplay. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has the most famous fictionalized versions of the 1980s Miami with aesthetic graphics, striking visuals, and more. Hence, the reviews of this game have been quite impressive. So without any further ado, download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and explore the worlds of the 1980s.


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