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GeForce NOW 2.0.30
Oct 01, 2015
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Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Description about GeForce NOW

GeForce Now from NVIDIA is one of the most popular Cloud gaming subscription services. It lets you access various video games through growing game platforms and developers. Recently, the developers at GeForce NOW have come with 2.0.30 on Oct 01, 2015 for the users of Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64. Due to this much-needed update, the reviews of this software have improved greatly. You should download GeForce NOW for free in your Windows 10 to know more about the update. 

With the help of this application, you will be able to enjoy heavy-duty games without any hassle. This lightweight does not affect the system resources. Moreover, GeForce NOW allows users to enjoy their favorite content even on older versions of Windows computers.

What’s new in GeForce NOW?

The latest update makes it possible for gamers to have a hassle-free gaming experience. A bunch of advanced features is added to the application. Not only this but some changes are made to the old ones as well. More memberships are also added for quick access to cloud gaming servers and extended gameplay sessions. Plus you don’t need to go through a difficult process to sign up for this latest version of GeForce NOW.

Moreover, all the bugs and issues are eliminated from the new update. Not only this but it is now absolutely compatible with all the versions of Windows. As far as security is concerned, it seems like GeForce NOW does not contain any malware that can affect your system.

Editor’s Review:

GeForce NOW has the ability to support heavy-duty games even on low-performance Windows computers. As cloud gaming has been a rising trend, this software has let its users use cloud service to play their favorite content even on older versions of Windows. Additionally, GeForce NOW uses your PC’s NVIDIA RTX cards to run games more efficiently. With this software, gamers can enjoy a large number of games without any crashes.

Furthermore, it focuses on providing high-quality frame rates which makes sure the game runs smoothly on computers that have low performance. The best part about GeForce NOW is that it supports Cloud gaming. However, the subscription plan charges the gamer by the hour and can be really expensive. Although the prices vary according to your device’s performance.

Features and Highlights:

  • Supports cloud gaming: GeForce NOW is the best cloud gaming service one could ask for. It lets the players play heavy-duty games on their low-performance devices. 
  • Lightweight: The program does not use any of the system resources. 
  • High-quality frame rates: The program focuses on providing the user better quality frame rates which makes sure the games run perfectly on low-performance devices. 
  • Supports heavy-duty games: The software makes sure to let the gamer play heavy-duty games even on their older versions of Windows devices as well.
  • Fast execution: It does not crash while your game is on and does not distract the gamer by lagging over and over again.

Pros of using GeForce NOW

The following are the perks of using this cloud gaming service:

  • Comes with pre-installed games
  • Fast gaming experience
  • Lightweight
  • Does not use system resources

Cons of using GeForce NOW

The disadvantages of using this program are mentioned below:

  • Expensive
  • Requires a stable internet connection

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, it is absolutely safe to say that GeForce NOW is an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts. It is one of the most affordable cloud gaming services. Furthermore, this platform has support for various games and it does not affect the system performance as well. All you ever require to use this program to its full potential is a stable internet connection. However, you might find the pricing a little higher but you might find it worth it. But it proves to be nominal as this program is the best for the long run. 

Since it has a free trial period, you can test the GeForce NOW and make up your mind. If you wish to have a fast gaming experience you should consider this program. Thus, the reviews of GeForce NOW are remarkable. You should download GeForce NOW and buck up your gaming skills and experience.


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