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DS4Windows 3.0.12
Jun 07, 2021
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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Description about DS4 Windows

DS4 Windows is a free tool that intuitively syncs Sony DualShock 4 handheld controllers to Windows PCs. This software allows the player to link PS4 console controllers with their computers by wireless or wired Bluetooth connections. Recently, the developers at DS4Windows have come with 3.0.12 on Jun 07, 2021 for the users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Due to the update, the reviews of this software have improved exponentially. If you are looking for a free PC and controller connection tool, then download DS4 Windows on your Windows 10 PC and see what else it has to offer.

This tool is exclusively for Windows users. Not only this but it is specially made for DualShock 4 console devices. Additionally, this app is available in various languages including Hebrew, Japanese, French, and Greek. The interface is as simple as one can be and it provides the user with a quick pick-up that helps them to focus on the task at hand. 

What’s new in DS4Windows?

After the latest update in DS4Windows, a few changes have been seen that have improved the performance of the application significantly. Now the EnhancedKey usage for FakerInput mapping has been fixed successfully. Plus, another version for Bundled PurgeOldXInput has been introduced. Lastly, most of the minor bugs are eliminated from the application. 

Editor’s review:

DS4Windows is software that lets you have the best experience while using a DualShock 4 on your Windows computer. Since this tool gets your controller ready for games, the user interface is made to be easily understandable and clean. It does not take much time to set up and gives you a default profile. Additionally, with different profiles, it gets easier for the user to switch between various settings for your controller. The user can choose to set up controls for different games.

Moreover, the user can switch their controllers to various profiles automatically as well. And they can do so when certain programs are launched. DS4Windows carries the most advanced features that will allow you to play around with. In addition, the user does not have to worry about updating the app manually. The app does it all by itself when the new update barges in. Overall, DS4Windows is a useful application for someone who wishes to have a great experience while using a DualShock 4 on their Windows computer. 

Features and Highlights

  • Clean UI: The simple UI of DS4Windows makes it easier for the user to just focus on the game and not on the controller significantly. Plus the layout is pretty clean so you won’t find any unnecessary clutter around.
  • Automated Profiles: You can choose to switch your controllers automatically to different profiles when particular programs are launched. 
  • Profile system: It makes it easier for the user to quickly switch between different settings for your controller. You can even choose to swipe two fingers on the touchpad to switch profiles with the even opening back the program. 
  • Advanced tools: The player is provided with the most advanced tools to experience the best gaming experience. From control mapping to touchpad sensitivity, to rainbow lightbar, to special actions, to motion controls, you will have everything set according to you.
  • Easy profile swaps: The player can choose to use profiles to instantly switch between configurations for your controllers. 
  • Deadlines: You can assign a deadline to the triggers, analog sticks, and the Sixaxis.
  • Lightbar control: You can easily enable/disable the light bar with a single click.

Pros of using DS4Windows

The following are some perks of using this software:

  • Simple and clean interface
  • Wired and wireless BlueTooth connections
  • Lightweight
  • Easy practical customizations
  • Customizable
  • Safe

Cons of using DS4Windows

The limitations of using this software are given below:

  • Has input lag issues
  • Steep learning curve
  • Not cross-platform

Bottom Line:

To conclude, DS4Windows grants the players to get their DualShock 4 console bits to operate with their Windows OSs. The user can choose to connect their controllers wired or wirelessly. However, the wireless connection comes with a few input lag issues. Additionally, this software is lightweight so it won’t take up much space on your computer as well. Plus the clean interface won’t give you a hard time getting along with the application. 

Nevertheless, there is a steep learning curve but just initially. Otherwise, you’re good to go. You will be provided with constant updates automatically. And you can visit the official website whenever you want and get the details about the latest update and other system requirements. Hence, the reviews of this software have been impressive enough. You should download DS4Windows on your Windows PC and play games like a pro without any clutter involved.


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