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Latest Version
Wondershare Dr. Fone 10.5.0
Apr 14, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about Wondershare Dr. Fone

The developers at Wondershare Software Company Ltd. updated Dr. Fone to 10.5.0 for Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 users on Apr 14, 2021. Dr. Fone is a data transfer and recovery software that allows the user to transfer files and important data from one device to another and an important utility for recovering files that were destroyed or lost due to any reason. The software can even recover files from dead devices and backup your files. The best trait of the software is that it allows backup and restoration of Whatsapp messages and data. The software can also be of great help for users who want to switch to a new mobile device without losing data. Whatever the reason may be, the software helps in recovering long-lost files easily and quickly. Dr. Fone’s review shows that the results provided by the software are outstanding. Download Dr. Fone for free and transfer or recover data through a single platform.

What’s New in this Version of Dr. Fone:

The latest version of Dr. Fone is more advanced than the previous ones. The developers have tried to make the software more accessible and helpful to users. The software has been upgraded with the ability to recover files from the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max. The software has been updated to support newer versions of Android and iOS. Major improvements have been introduced in the screen unlock feature of the software. The user can now transfer data between computers and different devices. The preview feature and the GUI (Graphic User Interface) of the software have been improved and other minor bugs have been fixed.

Editor’s Review:

Dr. Fone is one of the best data recovery software. The software helps in recovering files from different types of Android and iOS devices. Whether the data has been lost due to accidental deletion, corrupted while OS update, inaccessible due to dead system, files in broken Android, or any other reason, the software can help in recovering them all. From photos to videos, from Android to iOS, from messages to contacts, from music to important documents, the software can recover everything from everyplace. In the case of an emergency, the software can be a lifesaver. Get the offline installer for free and avail the benefits of the trial version.

Features and Highlights:

The basic characteristics of the data recovery software are:

  • Transfer Data- Dr. Fone allows the user to transfer messages, contacts, images, videos, documents, call history, nd various types of other information from one device to another.
  • Recovery of Different Files- The software helps the user in recovering files of different types including videos, images, messages, call history, contacts, notes, documents, or any other data as per the needs of the user.
  • Social media App Data Transfer- The data recovery software helps in transferring and backup data from different social media platforms including Whatsapp.
  • Remove Screen Lock- Sometimes, the user may get locked out of a device due to any reason. In such cases, the software helps in removing the screen lock and allowing access to the files to the user.
  • System Repairing- In case of a broken Android or iOS crash, the software helps in fixing and repairing the system OS easily, so that the device is made available to the user as it was.
  • Permanent Deletion- If you want to delete the data from the root, the software is the perfect choice for you. It can delete the data from a device quickly, beyond recovery.
  • Data Backup- Apart from transferring and recovering data, the software also provides a facility to backup mobile data from the computer so that it can be recovered as and when required.
  • Three-Step Procedure for Recovery- Connect the device, scan for files and recover, follow this simple three-step process to recover all the required files from any device easily.
  • Multiple Languages- To help the users from different countries, the software can be accessed in different languages including English, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, amongst many others.

Pros of Dr. Fone

The major advantages of the data recovery software that make the download worth everything are:

  • Supports over 6000 different devices
  • Recovery from both rooted and unrooted devices
  • 100% safe to use
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Recovery from SD card

Cons of Dr. Fone

The following demerits of the data recovery software can be a mood spoiler:

  • Slow setup and complicated process of installation
  • Does not support all devices and files
  • Not updated regularly

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following are the main differences between the free and paid versions of the data recovery software:

Free Edition Premium Edition
Only a few files can be recoveredAll the files can be recovered
Can not create a backupCan create backups
Can only be used for 7 daysCan be used at least for a year
Can not be updatedCan be updated
No technical supportFree technical support
All the files can not be transferredAll the files can be transferred

Bottom Line

Dr. Fone can be a very good alternative for recovering and transferring files to and from different devices. Although some flaws are there in the software, still it is quite a useful alternative to other similar applications. ROM Flashing, Damaged, Not Responding, Black Screen, Factory Reset, Accidental Deletion, System Crash, Forgotten Password, SD Card Issue, or Rooting Error, long-lost files can be easily recovered despite the reason behind the damage. Over 6000 devices of different brands and specifications are supported by the software to perform the desired tasks. Follow the easy three-step procedure and recover all the data from your device. Download Dr. Fone’s free version and get all the desired files back through a single platform.


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