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Jun 05, 2007
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Download DoubleKiller Pro to Remove Duplicates with Advanced Features (Latest 2021)

Finding and removing duplicate files from your PC is always a major task. But if you choose to do it with software like DoubleKiller Pro, then the tables will surely turn. This program is a fast and flexible tool that finds and clears out duplicates or similar files from your disk space. You should read the DoubleKiller Pro review and download the app on your PC for better results.

What’s new in this version of DoubleKiller?

Now, it has scanning support inside ZIParchives and allows to categorize DVDs/CDs folders and scan the catalogs accurately. 

A brief review by the editor:

DoubleKiller is the heavily extended version of its freeware. This one is way faster and has greater flexibility to offer. Not only this but it comes with various additional features as well. 

The program finds the duplicates and compares them on the basis of their names, sizes, content, and more. After the quick scan, a detailed list appears on your screen with all the duplicates that are found. 

Additionally, the users can choose to delete the files, move them to the Recycle bin or create a backup folder. Plus the automatic selection feature makes it much simpler. It allows you to make the biggest or oldest files of every set for removal. Overall, this version is quite impressive and is highly recommended as well.

Features of DoubleKiller Pro:

The special benefits that this advanced duplicate finder has to present are:

Deep Scans

One of the most talked-about features of this software is the scanning feature. The program is capable of scanning complete drives and directories without fail. Every time the user chooses to run the scan it provides him with accurate results.


Another notable benefit is that it is freely configurable. The comparison criteria are purely based on the file size, name, content, and data. The user can choose to set the filters according to their requirements and the filtered reasons will allow the user to configure their results easily. 

Manual or Auto Deletion

Once the scan results are displayed the user can choose to either delete all the detected files altogether or just delete the ones you want to delete. This feature saves a lot of time and effort.

Easy Exports

You can easily choose to export your results to any desired place. The user can choose to access any of their files by using the export option. This lets the user open their files at any given time.


Not only does this software move the checked files into a particular folder but it also allows you to move them directly in the Recycle bin. From which they can easily be restored to their primary location. It does not end here, you also have an option to replace the duplicates with shortcuts pointing to the leftover files. 

Command Line Support

Lastly, once DoubleKiller Pro completes the scanning process of selecting folders, scanning for duplicate files. The user can consider removing those files automatically. 

Pros of using DoubleKiller Pro

The ultimate perks of using this software are:

  • Organizes your digital music/picture library
  • Speeds up system
  • Intuitive
  • Advanced features

Cons of using DoubleKiller Pro

These are the few limitations of using this software are:

  • Demo limitations

Free vs Paid version

The comparison between the DoubleKiller Free and Paid version:

Free VersionPaid Version
Maximum 2GB file sizeUnlimited file size
Does not has a multilingual interfaceHas a multilingual interface
Limited sort resultsUnlimited sort results
No advanced comparison optionsVarious advanced comparison options

Common Queries about DoubleKiller Pro

These are the most asked questions about DoubleKiller Pro and they are answered for your convenience. 

Q1. Is DoubleKiller Pro safe to use?

Yes, the advanced version of DoubleKiller is a safe and secured option to find and remove duplicate files accurately.

Q2. Can I restore an accidentally deleted file in DoubleKiller?

DoubleKiller has an undelete tool to help you recover your files. When you choose to delete files, the content doesn't permanently get erased. If you haven’t made any modifications to your hard driver, you can easily restore them in no time. 

Q3. How can I use DoubleKiller for free?

DoubleKiller has a free version as well. Although the free version has limited features it gets the job done well.

Q4. What are the top alternatives to DoubleKiller Pro?

The following are the alternatives to this tool:

Henceforth, if you are looking for advanced software to remove your duplicate files in a blink then download the latest version of DoubleKiller Pro. It allows the users to have tons of configuration options for accuracy with a clean interface to work with. Nevertheless, the demo version has limited features that won’t give you a detailed idea about how the app can help you. Overall, we highly recommend using this app. 


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