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Bread Player 2.7.9 Beta
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Jan 05, 2017
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Windows 10

Download Bread Player to Create Playlists and Organize your Music Collection

When you see your music library scattered, the frustration gets over your head. It makes you unable to listen to your favorite songs easily and browsing them gets even bothersome. But provided your requirements, an advanced music player and organizer can be a great help for you. You should consider Bread Player to download as it is one of the best music players that promises you the given requirements. Read along this review to know more about Bread Player in detail.

What’s new?

To provide its users with the best user experience, Bread Player has made some serious changes in its new version.

  • Fixed
  1. App crashes while performing functions on TSCollection.
  2. App crashes while getting the upcoming/next song. 
  3. Freeze issue where the player couldn’t open files from outside the Song library. 
  4. Player couldn’t play the next song by clicking “Play” from the context menu. 
  5. Issue where the first opened artist and album show over and over again. 
  6. Some song albums and artists are missing. 
  7. Audio device was disabled. 
  8. Issue where playlist when playlist correctly. 
  • Improved
  1. Artists Listing UI
  • New Features
  1. Folder Navigation
  2. OneDrive Streaming
  3. LAN/Media Server Streaming

Editor’s Review

Bread Player is an application completely dedicated to playing music and organizing your library in the most convenient way. One of the most interesting things about this music player is that it refers to songs as “Toasts” and albums “Bread”, artists as “Bakers”. 

Although the interface of this player does not remind you of a bakery. It is quite difficult to understand and it might take you some time to get used to it. It is now attractive for sure and it gets the job done for you. Plus, Bread Player can be used for tagging file formats like MP3 and more. 

To use this player, you will have to import the folders where you want to store your music collection initially. Once you do so, you will be able to have a better view of the songs by artists or albums. It allows you to favorite songs separately. 

Nevertheless, Break Player has some issues that might annoy you a little. For instance, if you import a folder to this app, you might not find a way to remove it easily. The previous version of the application used to crash often. You should keep in mind that this version of Bread Player is highly stable. You can choose to download it though because of the wide range of features it has to offer. 

Features and Highlights

To know about Bread Player’s functionality, check out the features it has to propose in detail:

Supports Various Formats

After what has been said about the older versions of Bread Player, now it supports almost all the popular formats to support songs given in any format easily. To provide the user with the convenience to use the application without worrying about the formats (including M4A, MP3, FLAC, AIFF) they are required to use. 

Folder Navigation

Bread Player allows you to find the folder you have been looking for. It simply navigates you to the folder you need and provides you with similar options to find further songs in it with just a few clicks. 

OneDrive Streaming

One of the best features that Bread Player has to offer is the OneDrive streaming one. You can simply choose to import your playlist to the player and play your music collection from the OneDrive cloud easily. 

Quick Execution

Unlike its previous version, Bread Player’s new version is quite fast now. It allows the users to perform tasks quickly without much hassle. As the lagging and freezing issues are almost solved, the player has become more reliable and gets the tasks done in no time. 

Real-time played song history

Bread Player allows the user to go through the real-time history of the music they played. It not only allows the users to jump back to their preferred favorite song but also provides them with the convenience that comes with it. 

File Explorer

The user can even choose to load songs from file explorer as well. They can simply play local songs that are stored in their file explorer and import them to the Bread Player and play them with the other songs in the player with no extra hassle. 


To make the player more pleasing you can choose to change the skins accordingly. Dark and light themes are available with an auto accent change according to the song album art that keeps the user engaged throughout. 

Synced Lyrics Support

As a music lover, you must like singing along to the songs. To provide you with that benefit, Bread Player offers its users synced lyrics support. It allows the users to read and sing the lyrics with the song as they are synced together. 

Categorized Section

For better understanding, Bread Player provides you with well-distinguished artist categories. It allows you to find your favorite artist’s songs in one playlist. You can also choose to categorize these playlists on your own. 

Private Playlists

Another notable feature about this player is that it provides you with an option to create a secret playlist. These playlists stay hidden from your public ones. You can choose to create a playlist which only you can access.

Pros of using Bread Player

The following are the perks of using this music player:

  • Open source
  • Ad-free
  • Drag and drop option
  • Artist biography fetching
  • Smooth song transitions
  • Customer support

Cons of using Bread Player

The limitations of using this software are mentioned below:

  • Overwhelming interface

Note: The free trial of Bread Player is the same as the paid one. The pricing is only for donations. So Download the Bread Player free from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

For better understanding, we have managed to answer some commonly asked questions by most users:

Q1. Is Bread Player free to use?

Yes, the Bread Player is a free to download and open-source music player and organizer that now offers a better look and playback experience. 

Q2. What are the system requirements for Bread Player?

The following are necessary requirements for Bread Player:

  • OS: Windows 10
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 500MB

Q3. Is Bread Player safe?

Yes, the latest version of Bread Player is a safe music player that does the job quite well. 

Q4. What are the alternatives to Bread Player?

The following are the alternatives to Bread Player:

  • Vox
  • Macgo Media Player
  • Spotify
  • Music Bee

Henceforth, Bread Player is a great music player for Windows 10. Unlike its old version, the new one is tested to be highly compatible and stable and manages to provide users the best experience. If you are looking for a music player, you should consider Bread Player for free download on your Windows 10 PC. 


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