Brave Browser (32-bit)

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Latest Version
Brave Browser 1.22.71
Mar 10, 2021
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System Requirements
Windows 10 32bit / Windows 8.1 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 7 32bit

Description about Brave Browser (32-bit)

Brendan Eich’s Brave Software Incorporated updated its Brave Browser to 1.22.71 on Mar 10, 2021 for Windows 10 32bit / Windows 8.1 32bit / Windows 8 32bit / Windows 7 32bit users. The browser is now a lot quicker and safer than before. The chromium-based browser is one of the most popular and secure browsers amongst the big leagues. The browser protects the privacy of the user and protects them from the threats posed by outsiders. 

The 32-bit version of the browser has every basic feature of a chromium-based browser. All the unnecessary ads are removed by the browser but it shows the ads authorised. The most attractive feature of the browser would be its effective popup blocker and loading speed. The browser halts third party access to your data. 

What’s new in this Version of Brave Browser

The updated version of the browser disables all the ads from the platform. The browser rewards its user through Brave reward for surfing and viewing any ad. Major bugs that were reported by users have also been removed from the browser. The display of the browser has also been improved. The latest version of the browser manifolds better than the old versions. 

Editor’s Review

Chrome and Firefox have been the most downloaded and the most popular browsers right from the start. But the situation is changing now. Brave browser is covering the market through its increasing popularity. Why the browser is being recommended and opted for by more users is because it is 3-6 times faster than other browsers. It loads the page quickly and provides the information. For the users looking for a change, switching to Brave Browser can be beneficial.

Features and Highlights

The main attractions of the software are: 

  • Safety- Chromium has always been praised for being the safest way to develop a browser. Brave browser reduces the malware threats and the threats from the outsiders. 
  • Ad Block- The browser does not allow any unauthorized ads on the platform so that the user does not have to suffer while surfing the web. 
  • Saves Power- Brave Software Inc has developed the browser in such a way that it saves more than 35% of the power without hampering the performance or the results. 
  • Faster- The developers of the browser claim that the browser is 3-6 times faster than the big-league browsers. The browser opens the webpages quickly and provides fast results on the search engines. 
  • Rewards for User- If the user chooses to view an advertisement or visit any website, he is rewarded by the browser in the form of Brave Rewards. The viewers can also give these rewards to the creators.
  • Easy Bookmark Import- If you have been using some other browser till now and want to switch to the Brave Browser, you can do that easily as the browser allows you to import the bookmarks from any other browser. 
  • Customized- You can customize the protecting shield of the browser that halts and allows ads on the browser. You can turn off or on the ads from any website as you want. 

Pros of Brave Browser

The main advantages of the Brave browser are:

  • Uses less power as compared to other browsers
  • The UI of the browser is quite pleasing
  • User can create multiple profiles on the browser
  • Rewards of surfing and viewing ads.

Cons of Brave Browser

The main drawbacks of the Brave browser are:

  • Dysfunctional sync of the browser
  • Various incompatible extensions 
  • Useless mic 
  • The protective shield disables access to some websites

Bottom Line

Most of the users indeed prefer big-league browsers like Chrome and Firefox but Brave is also good for such users. The chromium-browser is very effective in securing your data from third-party threats. If any user is looking for a switch from their current browser, Brave is an excellent choice, download the full offline installer for ease. 


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