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BitTorrent Web
Mar 25, 2021
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Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8/ Windows 7

Description about BitTorrent Web

BitTorrent Network introduced the latest version of their upgraded torrent manager BitTorrent Web on Mar 25, 2021 for Windows 10/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 8/ Windows 7. BitTorrent Web is one of the greatest torrent downloaders available for users. You can easily search and download the torrents in easy steps. The USP of the product is that the user can also play the video and magnet links while downloading the files. 

When used with BitTorrent Speed, it can also help you in increasing the speed as well as raising the tokens. Seeding can also help you in earning tokens. You can easily manage the torrents with the help of powerful torrent tools. 

What’s New in this Version of BitTorrent Web

The BitTorrent Network updated BitTorrent Web fixing some bugs in the software. Moreover, additional languages have also been added for the ease of users in different parts of the world. 

Editor’s Review

BitTorrent web is the best torrent manager available. The best feature of the software is that the user can play the video files even if they are downloading simultaneously. The downloader shows the downloading time of every file which helps the user in deciding whether to continue or not. Even if the software is stopped due to any reason, download can be resumed from where left. For all torrent users and enthusiasts, it is recommended to download BitTorrent Web. 

Features and Highlights:

The key highlights of the software are:

  • Easy Torrent Searches- Users can find the required torrents with the help of BitTorrent Web safely, and quickly. The results provided by the software are outstanding. 
  • Torrent Player- The BitTorrent Web software provides a media player which allows the user to play torrent links and magnet files along with downloading, that also in the same browser window. 
  •  Stream from BitTorrent Now- BitTorrent Web allows users to stream from the BitTorrent Now platform, which is filled with the work of your favourite existing, new and upcoming artists. 
  • Multiple File Extensions- BitTorrent Web allows the user to download files of numerous extensions other than video. Choose the file and download it to a folder of your choice. 
  • Saves Your Resources- The user can set up the limit and frequency of speed and quantity of download, allowing you to save your data resources for other uses. 
  • Multiple Language Support- BitTorrent Web can be accessed in more than a dozen languages including English, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Korean, Italian, and many more. 

Pros of BitTorrent Web:

The main advantages of BitTorrent Web are:

  • Can play the torrent while downloading
  • Can play the magnet links
  • Multiple files can be downloaded
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Faster than other similar downloaders

Cons of BitTorrent Web:

The main disadvantages of BitTorrent Web are:

  • Confusing display
  • Takes more time to respond
  • Might expose the IP address

Comparison of Free and Paid Versions

The following points of distinction between the paid and free version will help you in choosing between the products:

Free VersionPaid Version
Basic features are provided Additional features are provided
Doesn’t display the propertiesDisplays the properties of the torrent
Premium Customer support is not provided Premium customer support is provided
Doesn’t bypass censorshipBypasses censorship

Bottom Line

You may find other similar Torrent Managers, but none will be able to match the features and flexibility of BitTorrent Web. The user can search for the torrent file in the software itself, which is quite an attractive feature for torrent seekers. You don’t have to worry about privacy breach from different sites. Play the file before it even finishes downloading.


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