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AVG Battery Saver
Jun 06, 2020
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Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Description about AVG Battery Saver

AVG has a great reputation for developing programs to enhance the performance capabilities of devices. AVG Battery Saver is one of those programs. It is a utility that one must download to enhance the battery life of a Windows laptop. The latest version of AVG Battery Saver, i.e., [Version], is a great tool to optimize the battery consumption of [OS] PCs. However, the battery optimizer program requires a free storage of more than 400 MB, minimum 256 MB RAM & 1024x768 screen resolution.

What’s New In AVG Battery Saver 

Users get multiple tiles to customize AVG Battery Saver. The Off tile helps to turn off the running settings of the tool. There is also a Customize tile that allows users to run the personalized battery saver settings. Along with these two, the new version of AVG Battery Saver has a Maximum tile as well. It helps to enable the default maximum power-saving settings that AVG has configured.

Editor’s Review

AVG Battery Saver helps to resolve the problem faced by most of laptop users. It helps to extend the battery life of a Windows laptop. No matter how high configured or well equipped a laptop is. It always falls short when it comes to battery performance. As higher the configurations, the higher the system usage, and higher system usage eventually leads to short battery life. Hence, one has to download AVG Battery Saver. The tool magically enhances & optimizes the battery life of your portable workstation.

Features & Highlights

Here are the features you get when you download AVG Battery Saver on your Windows laptop.

Regulates Power

It regulates the power supply and consumption on your laptop so that you do not get short of battery when required the most.

Automatic Display Adjustment

AVG Battery Saver comes with tools to adjust the display settings of a Windows laptop automatically.

Options To Control WiFi

The tool also allows making changes to the WiFi settings of the device. One can easily enable and disable the WiFi after downloading the AVG Battery Saver program.

Settings To Manage Bluetooth

Managing Bluetooth settings also becomes quite easy with AVG’s battery life enhancer tool. 

Multiple Profiles

It has multiple profiles (Off, Customize, & Maximum) to save the battery life of the Windows laptop.

Pros Of AVG Battery Saver

  • Enhances battery life
  • Customizable
  • Allows to control WiFi, Bluetooth & other network settings
  • Helps to manage display configurations
  • Regulates processor frequency

Cons Of AVG Battery Saver

  • No free version
  • Limited features & functionality
  • Maximum profile reduces performance capabilities
  • Lacks advanced features

Comparison Of AVG Battery Saver Free & Full Version

AVG does not offer any free version of its Windows Battery Saver utility. The developers only offer a limited 15-day free trial, allowing users to use all the features of the tool during the trial duration. Hence, the comparison of AVG Battery Saver Free & Full Version is not possible.

Bottom Line

Download AVG Battery Saver to boost the battery life of the Windows laptop. It is a great utility to control the power consumption and settings of your device. It helps to manage the network and display settings as well. Hence, AVG Battery Saver is a pretty useful tool for users who do not want to plug the charger most often. However, the developers do not offer any free version of this battery saver. Users can use AVG Battery Saver for free during the 15 days free trial period.


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