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Audacious 4.1
Feb 01, 2021
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Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

Download Audacious (Version 4.1) to Experience the Best Audio Quality

Audacious is an open-source audio player that allows you to organize playlists, update metadata and listen to your local audio files. If you are looking for a stable audio player, you should consider Audacious to download for free. Let’s talk more about its functionality and usage in the segments below.

What’s new?

The new Audacious version has a lot of changes, improvements, and additions. They are below for your convenience:

  • ./configure is now default to a dual Qt+GTK built. 
  • The user can switch between Qt and GTK modes from the Settings window straight.
  • Preliminary Qt 6 support is available. 
  • Now you can disable the album art in the bar info. 
  • The drag and drop option of the playlist is now clearly visible. 
  • The Channel Mixer can now convert 2 to 4 channels. 
  • Cue sheet entries read incorrectly from .m3u playlists issue is now fixed. 
  • The null pointer dereference in the Lyrics plugin is fixed. 

Editor’s Review

Audacious is a descendant of XMMS. This audio player is quite well known for Linux and other Unix-like systems. This software is essentially developed for Linux and it happens to be the best audio application that Linux has ever had the privilege to have. 

Now, the users can choose to download Audacious on their Windows PC, in case you are done with the modern audio and music players. Most modern media players have unnecessary tools that you might not use even once. On the other hand, Audacious is free and portable software that has just the right tools for your music player needs. 

Since this software is portable, you can choose to store it on a USB drive and run it on any other device without having to install it again. Another notable thing about this software is that it comes with support for GTK+- based and Winamp-like interface.

Features and Highlights

To know more about its functionality, check out the features offered by Audacious in detail:

Skinnable GUI

As mentioned before, Audacious allows you to choose between the interfaces of GTK+- based and Winamp-like interfaces. It provides you with a small-sized version of Winamp with a recognizable equalizer, playback controls, and playlist manager as well. On the other hand, the GTK+- interface sports an intuitive design that has support for various tabs. It allows you to add different tabs simultaneously, delete them or switch between them at any time. 

Import Tools

You can easily drag and drop the given content in the main window directly, play audio CDs and even play music from custom URLs. If you choose to download Audacious, the utility you will receive is impeccable. It offers support for various sets of audio formats including AAX, SHN, WAV, MIDI, FLAC, WMA, and MIDI. 

Playlist Management

It is worthy to mention that Audacious permits the playlist to enable importing and reporting. You can choose to sort out all of your tracks based on their genre, album, artists, and other specifics. 

Pros of using Audacious

These are the perks of using this audio player:

  • Format support
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Customizable
  • Updated

Cons of using Audacious

These are the shortcomings of using this audio   player that you should be aware of:

  • Lack of plugins support

Frequently Asked Questions

For further information, please refer to the segment below:

Q1. Is Audacious open-source?

Audacious is an open-source and cross-platform music player that allows the user to have the best audio quality experience. 

Q2. How do I download and install Audacious?

As Audacious is open-source software, all you have to do is download it from the download link from above and start using it straight away. 

Q3. What are the top alternatives to Audacious?

These are the top alternatives to Audacious:

  • foobar2000
  • Clementine
  • Strawberry
  • MediaMonkey


To consider this and tons of other reviews on Audacious, this software is quite intuitive so getting a hint of the features of this software won’t take much of your time. It might not have tons of features like other similar applications but it still gets the job done in the best way possible. This application is highly recommended due to its precise focus i.e. audio playback process and nothing more. Download the latest version of Audacious on your Windows PC and see how it ends up working for you.


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