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Amazon Chime 4.39.10290
Oct 16, 2021
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Windows 10

Description about Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is used for business communication. With the help of this software, you can connect with your colleagues, team members, and users for business meetings. Here, users get an opportunity to connect through audio or video calls and screen sharing. This application can be used anywhere. Download Amazon Chime on Windows10 for remote communication.         

There are a lot of highlights available for this software. While talking about one of the most prominent features in Amazon chime is business meetings. With the help of this feature, you can create a voicemail, text messages, and many more. Apart from this, you can view an ample number of features mentioned below.

The review of 32-Bit and 64-Bit amazon chime is quite impressive. 

What’s New In The Version Of Amazon Chime On Windows

The latest version of Amazon Chime is here and better than ever before. The new features that have been introduced in the latest version of Amazon Chime:

  • All the bugs are fixed in the new version of Amazon Chime.

Editor’s Review

One of the most popular amazon tools is Amazon Chime. Here, this software will help you to connect with clients, team members, and other representatives of the business interface.

With this online application, you can connect with people via audio or video calls. Apart from this, you can also share your screen online. You can communicate from anywhere by using amazon chime online.

Features and Highlights

The main attractions of the messaging application that make it stand out from the crowd are:

Online Meetings

With the help of the Amazon Chime application, you can attend meetings online without any hassle. You can mute the background sound to make your meeting more impactful. Online meetings make it more feasible for you to connect from anywhere in the world.

Video Calling

With the help of Amazon Chime, you can make a video call and screen sharing. You can join from anywhere. Here, you can actively share your use. Around 16 people can join at a time on desktop and 8 people on mobile. It works the same as Google meet and Zoom.

Business Calling

Earlier you needed to use separate applications for voice mail, text messages, phone calls, and many more. Now you can do it in a single application in amazon chime with the help of business calls. It saves time and cost.


A team working on a single project using chat rooms, chatbots, incoming webhooks, and many more is teamwork. Here, more than 100 people can participate during the audio call.

Pros Of Amazon Chime

The following are the perks of amazon chime in Windows:

  • Join Meetings.
  • Video quality is quite high.
  • Within a single click, you can join meetings.

Cons Of Amazon Chime

The following are the demerits of Amazon Chime: 

  • Very few features are available with the basic plan.
  • A paid subscription is mandatory for most of the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions that are asked by the users quite frequently. Check them out below:

Q1. Is there a 64-bit version of Amazon Chime on Windows?

Yes, the free trial is available for Amazon Chime. If you want to access the advanced features of this application, then you need to buy it.

Q2. How do I download and install Amazon Chime applications on Windows?

The following are some best alternatives of Amazon Chime:

  • Download the application by clicking on the above-mentioned link.
  • Click on the installation file.
  • Follow the on-screen process for installing it successfully.

Q3. What are the alternatives of Amazon Chime?

The following are some alternatives of Amazon Chime:


If you want to communicate with your team members via audio or video call. You need to download amazon chime for Windows. One of the most prominent features is team collaboration. Apart from the above-mentioned features, functionalities let you know in detail about this software.


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