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AlterCam 6.0 Build 3341
Oct 22, 2021
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Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Download Altercam an Ultimate Virtual Webcam Software

The Altercam application works as a webcam. You can add images, text, video, webcam, and change background effects. Mosaic, greyscale, and combine are some of the effects that can be applied on video calls. Apart from this, you can record chat and video calls. 

While sharing effects on multiple applications at the same time an error occurs Webcam is busy. To do so you should download the latest version of the Altercam application for free on Windows.

Altercam review for 32-Bit and 64-Bit is quite interesting.

Something New In The Version Of Altercam For Free In Windows

The most advanced version of the Altercam software is downloaded free for Desktop Windows PC has remarkable changes:

  • Altercam’s new version fixes all the bugs.
  • Cooperative with Windows update.
  • Virtual camera applications are added for removing the background.
  • Effects can be applied to automatic background detection.
  • Enhance display and control of the cropping area.

Editor’s Review

With the help of Altercam, you can add text, overlays, images, video, and effects. You can distribute effects on multiple applications without error. Apart from this, you can work with video capture and record desktop videos using altercam. 

If you want to use animated gif compatibility, new animated overlays. You need to update Altercam with the latest version 1.8.

Features and Highlights

The major attractions of the altercam application free for Windows:


Altercam application is compatible with almost every version of  Windows like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. Here it means you can easily download altercam for Windows.

Free Trial

One of the most important features of Altercam is that it works on a free trial. You can use this application for free only for basic features. Whereas if you want to experience advanced features, then purchase it.


If you want to access Altercam software on Windows, then you need to get permission from the authorities. Altercam does not compromise its privacy and security. So that data remains safe.


A very little amount of resources are required for Altercam applications at Windows 10. The weight of this application is very light. If you want to record desktop videos it won’t consume a lot of resources. 

Pros of Altercam 

The influential benefits of the Altercam application for Windows are:

  • Availability of filters and effects.
  • Inbuilt interface.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Recording from different sources.

Cons of Altercam

Shortcomings of the Altercam application for Windows are:

  • Computer speed slows down.
  • Unable to customize presets.
  • Zero help files.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Few of the questions are asked by the users quite frequently. Check them out below:

Q1. Is the 64-bit version of Altercam software available?

Yes, the free trial translation is available for Altercam in the Windows  (64-Bit) system as well.

Q2. How do I download and install Altercam for free on Windows?

The following instructions are given below to download and install Altercam:

  • Download the application from the link mentioned above.
  • Click twice on the installation file.
  • Simply follow the given instructions to launch the application.

Q3. Is Altercam Application free for Windows 10?

Yes, this application is completely free for Windows 10.

Q4.  What are the alternatives to the Altercam Application?

The following are the most suitable choices of Altercam Application:

  • Pidgin
  • Paltalk
  • Skype Recorder
  • Mumble
  • Manycam


If you want to add images, text, overlays, videos and change the background effects. You need to download the altercam application for free on Windows. One of the most prominent features is privacy. Apart from the above-mentioned features, functionalities let you know in detail about this software.


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