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Apr 27, 2021
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Free Download to Manage your Calls

If you make or get a lot of calls daily, you can download Call History Manager APK to track how many times you received a call from or called a particular person. In addition to it, the Call History Manager (now known as Phone Vili) gives a lot of insights and features that the regular call log of your phone does not provide.

However, before downloading the Call History Manager APK for Android, you can read our genuine review to understand the application in more detail. 

Before getting started with the Call History Manager app review, let’s take a glimpse of the changes and improvements that make this application’s latest version worthy of your attention. 

What’s New in Call History Manager 

Below are the developments because of which Call History Manager APK’s latest version deserves your attention. 

  • UI enhancements
  • Voice alerts, announcing the caller’s name
  • Bug and crash fixes 

Our editors decided to try and review the Call History Manager app’s current version due to the above improvements. While reviewing the application, our editorial team had certain noteworthy thoughts about it. This post’s next section shares them with you. 

Editor’s review 

There are a plethora of call history managers available for Android. But this application caught our attention for being different from the rest. It not only keeps track of people who called you and those whom you gave a call to, but it also gives you complete information about your phone activity. Moreover, you can even export the call history to an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis. 

It is not where this application’s features end. Call History Manager for Android also has several other offerings, such as automatic deletion of call logs, making it one of the best phone log management apps to download on Android. 

In the following section of this article, let’s talk about all fascinating Call History Manager features in detail. 

Features of Call History Manager 

Following are the interesting Call History Manager features that you should know. 

Backup and restore

Performing a phone reset is necessary for some situations. But it may lead to loss of data, such as call history. Therefore, Call History Manager lets you backup the logs so that you can restore them effortlessly after resetting your phone. 

Contact information 

If you want to see details of a particular contact and statistics, such as how many times you called each other, you can tap on that contact’s log. 

Transfer to Excel 

Some users may want to analyze their call logs for various reasons, like estimating how much time they spend talking to people over the phone. Hence, Call History Manager comes with an option to export the call history to an Excel spreadsheet for more detailed analysis. 

Fake call addition 

If for any reason, you wish to swap a number in your call log with a fake one, you can do so with Call History Manager’s fake call option easily. 

Automatic deletion of the call log 

Another great feature of Call History Manager is that you can use it to delete the call log of a particular contact immediately after you hung up the phone with her/him. 

Call log search 

If you want to find a specific call log, it is pretty easy to do it with the Call History Manager. It has advanced search filters to look for the needed logs. 

So, above were the features you find in the freely downloadable Call History Manager APK for Android. Now, let’s take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of this application. 

Pros and cons of Call History Manager 

Following is what’s perfect and not-so-perfect in the Call History Manager app you can download for Android. 

Pros of Call History Manager 

Here’s what we liked the most, i.e., the perfect things about Call History Manager. 

  • Call History Manager restores deleted logs with ease
  • High-end search feature
  • Call records export to Excel

Cons of Call History Manager 

Below is a somewhat dark side of Call History Manager. 

  • No display of the year 
  • You cannot turn off the “Set as default” option

After learning the strengths and weaknesses of the application, are you still wondering “is it right to download the Call History Manager APK?” If yes, you can read the next section of frequently asked questions to clear your confusion. 

Frequently asked questions

Let’s discuss all the common questions so that you have no doubts left about the Call History Manager APK for Android. 

Q1. Can I recover deleted call history?

If you ever happen to delete important call logs accidentally, you can retrieve them with the restore function of Call History Manager. 

Q2. Is Call History Manager safe?

Till now, we have not experienced any security or privacy issues with Call History Manager. And, we have not heard of anyone experiencing these problems. Hence, we consider it to be a safe application. However, you must be cautious while downloading it from an unverified source. 

Q3. How to use Call History Manager?

You can follow these directions to make use of the Call History Manager. 

  • Download Call History Manager APK for Android. 
  • Open the application and give it the necessary permissions.
  • Use the three dots to access the options menu and perform various actions. 

Q4. What are the alternatives of Call History Manager?

If you want, you can consider any of the following alternative applications to Call History Manager. 

  • Drupe
  • Google Phone
  • Contacts +
  • Dialer One

That’s all for the Call History Manager app review

In this article, we looked at the Call History Manager application from all dimensions. To conclude the review, we can say that it is an excellent Android application to manage, find, delete, and retrieve call logs. 

However, be sure of the source’s authenticity before you download Call History Manager APK. Otherwise, you may fall prey to hackers. 

For more software reviews and safe downloads, ensure to check FileCrocs regularly. 


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