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Latest Version
Brother iPrint&Scan 2.2
May 31, 2016
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Windows 10

Description about Brother iPrint&Scan

The developers at Brother Industries Ltd., a Japanese manufacturing and services company, upgraded the file scanning and printing software viz. Brother iPrint&Scan to version [version], on May 31, 2016 for the users of Windows 10. Brother iPrint&Scan helps in scanning and printing files through the printers and scanners from Brother. The user can search for and access the machines from Brother around the world and print the documents with the help of the software. Users can print different kinds of documents through the software including PDFs, Images, Word Documents, Excel Sheets, and various other files as per the needs. The review of Brother iPrint&Scan is quite good and the software is very helpful for the individuals using Brother’s printers and scanners. Download Brother iPrint&Scan free version and start printing and scanning files through your device. 

What’s New in this Version of Brother iPrint&Scan

Some minor updates have been made to the software by the developers. Google has discontinued Google Cloud Printing services so the software will no longer support the same for printing and scanning files. New printers and scanners have been launched by the manufacturer so the developers have tried to create supportable software for all the new introductions. Other minor changes have been made and bugs have been fixed to improve the overall functionality of the software. 

Editor’s Review

Brother iPrint&Scan is a very good and useful desktop utility that helps the user in scanning and printing files through the scanners and printers of Brother Industries. The user can search for Brother products across the world with the help of the utility and scan and/or print multiple documents from their device. The software can be very helpful only if you have a Brother printer or scanner. It is of no use if you don’t have a printer or scanner from Brother as the software is specifically designed to connect with the products of the same brand. Get the setup of the push scan tool and install it for easy printing and scanning. 

Features and Highlights

The main characteristics of the software that make it useful are:

  • All-Inclusive Printing- With the help of the desktop utility, the user can access and connect to a wide variety of Brother printers and scanner including Inkjet FAX/MFC, Color Laser LED Printer, Mono Laser FAX/MFC, Mono Laser Printers, Scanners, Color Laser LED FAX/MFC, and many others
  • Easy-to-use Interface- The user-friendly interface of the software is quite clean, straightforward, and easy to use. The software has a few buttons which makes it easy to comprehend and use. 
  • Access from Around the Globe- The user can print or scan a document from anywhere in the world. The devices can be accessed even if you are not near the printer or scanner. 
  • Easy Access- The software enables the user to access different devices from the brand around the globe. You can search for the desired device and connect with it for scanning or printing documents.
  • Supports Different Formats- The software allows the user to print and/or scan documents of different types including but not limited to PDFs, MS Office documents, images, and various others. 
  • Custom Features- The software allows the user to add custom features and labels to the document remotely before printing it. The quick and easy labeling features of the software allow the user to meet all the requirements. 
  • File Preview- Brother iPrint&Sca allows the user to preview the files on the software before printing, making it easier for the user to assess whether the output is perfect or not. 

Pros of Brother iPrint&Scan

The following advantages of the software make it worth downloading:

  • Quick connection with Brother printers and scanners
  • Can be accessed using mobile devices
  • Easy to comprehend and use
  • Preview files before printing 
  • Lightweight

Cons of Brother iPrint&Scan

The following disadvantages of the software may force you to question the utility:

  • Frequent errors may be faced by the user 
  • Other alternatives of the software provide more features 
  • Can not be used for all Brother printers and scanners 
  • Registration of the device is required 
  • Limited features for editing

Bottom Line

Brother iPrint&Scan can be very helpful for the users having Brother printers and scanners. The software is quite easy to use and connects with printers and scanners quickly. More and more devices are being added by the developers to the software to make them accessible. Users can connect with devices despite the country they are in and use them to print or scan documents according to their needs. Download Brother iPrint&Scan free version and start using the utility for printing and scanning different documents. 


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