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Avast Cleanup Premium.20.1.9481
Nov 15, 2018
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Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,

Description about Avast Cleanup Premium

The developers at Avast Software released the updated version of Avast Cleanup Premium Premium.20.1.9481 for Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, users on Nov 15, 2018. Download the free version of Avast Cleanup Premium as it is an advanced utility that helps in improving the overall performance of your computer. Over time, the performance of every computer deteriorates but this cleanup program ensures the longer and better performance of your system. Check out this complete review of Avast Cleanup Premium and get everything you need to know about the tool. 

Every computer runs a lot of programs in the background. Some of these are very important for the system to work while the others just take up space and degrade the working. Avast Cleanup Premium tool helps in pausing or closing such unnecessary tasks so that more storage is available for the important ones. The tool helps in saving storage space by removing unwanted, pre-installed programs and files from your computer. 

What’s New in This Version of Avast Cleanup Premium

The latest version of Avast Cleanup Premium is very efficient. The developers added a feature in the tool that updates all the important programs on the system. A lot of other modes to run PC and cleaners are included in the cleanup tool to make it more useful for you. Automatic task execution is now possible for all types of operating systems and devices. Other minor bugs are fixed to improve the overall working of the cleanup tool. 

Editor’s Review:

No one can deny that the performance of every device sinks with time. In layman’s terms the “wear and tear” affects every device. This can cause a  lot of problems for you so you must install a cleanup and tuneup utility on your new devices to retain their performance and old devices to improve. Avast Cleanup Premium is a very effective tool that ensures that you get the best performance out of your PC. The tool cleans up cache, deletes unnecessary files, software, and other junk that is working as a barrier in your system. 

Features and Highlights:

The following are the main features of Avast Cleanup Premium that help in improving the performance of the system as well as make the tool attractive and easy to work with:

  • Startup Optimizer- The built-in startup optimizer of the tool helps in stopping the unnecessary apps during startup and improves the startup time of your PC. 
  • Interactive Sleep Mode- The cleanup utility has an integrated sleep mode option that monitors and puts your device to sleep, wakes it up, and turns off programs to improve the performance of the system. 
  • Works as a Cleaner- The main thing that degrades the working of any device is unnecessary files. Avast Cleanup cleans the device by removing cache, previous backups, unnecessary files, junk, pre-installed programs, browser cookies, and bloatware automatically
  • Disk Defragmentation- Disk defragmentation is the key to improve the PC’s performance, so the cleanup tool defrags disks regularly. 
  • Automatic and Manual- You can easily set automatic cleaning of the device through Avast Cleanup Premium or run the program manually as and when required. 
  • Registry Cleaner- The Registry in operating systems plays a vital role in the working of any device, so Avast Cleanup repairs the registry regularly and improves performance. 
  • File Fixing- The files on any device can corrupt due to a lot of reasons. The cleanup tool searches for such files and tires to fix them for you. 
  • Instant Access- You may have faced problems in opening certain files on your device. Avast Cleanup provides instant access to such files for better control. 
  • Automatic Updates- The cleanup tool provides automatic updates to all the important software and tools on your device. 

Pros of Avast Cleanup Premium:

Apart from the features, the following are the main advantages of Avast Cleanup Premium that makes it worth downloading:

  • Easy to use for novice and experienced users
  • Interactive and intuitive interface
  • Supports different languages
  • Improves the performance by over 30%
  • Safe to use
  • Cross-platformed structure
  • A portable version is available

Cons of Avast Cleanup Premium:

There are a lot of advantages of Avast Cleanup Premium but it also has certain disadvantages as listed below:

  • Does not protect your device from malware and virus
  • Does not include internet protection
  • Might not work with older operating systems

Comparison Between Free and Premium Versions of Avast Cleanup:

The manufacturers of Avast Cleanup provide two versions of the tool for you. You can get the subscription to the premium version through a license key very easily. The table provided below will clear the main difference between the version:

Free VersionPremium Version
Can use it for 30 days onlyCan use it till the subscription lasts
Limited access to the featuresComplete access to all the features
Does not allow to defrag the diskAllows to defrag the disk
Only scans for problems Scans and solves all the problems

Bottom Line:

If you want to improve the performance of your old devices or want to retain that of new ones, you should download Avast Cleanup Premium free version. The software is worth the cost. If you are having smoke doubts, it is recommended that you get the free version first to check out the working of the tool. You can use the computer while the program scans for issues. Install the software and improve your computer’s performance. 

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