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Avast AntiTrack Premium.
Feb 25, 2013
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Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1,

Download Avast AntiTrack Premium (Latest 2021) to Protect your PC while Browsing

Avast Antitrack is one of the most loved privacy protection software for families, businesses, and everyone else. Read the whole review of Avast Antitrack Premium for a better understanding. Download the free version of Avast Antitrack Premium to protect your PC from all kinds of privacy-invasive threats.

What’s New in this Version of Avast Antitrack

To make the application better, Avast AntiTracks new version has the following improvements:

  • New interface
  • Intensified security
  • Real-time notifications
  • Bug fixes

Editor’s Review:

No one likes it when third-party apps and websites track the location or data of the user. It is considered a direct breach of privacy but the websites still do this. Most of the users do not even have the idea that their location is accessible to others. Avast Antitrack stops all this. It is a promising app that intimates the user when someone tries to access his locations. The user can present or hide his location from outsiders as he wants through the software. The strong location accessing barriers of the software makes it untraceable to any outsider. 

Features and Highlights:

The major characteristics of the anti-tracking software which makes it stand out of the league are:

Safe to Use 

Avast Antitrack is one of the safest anti-tracking software that secures the user’s location from tracing. Not only this software has tons of features that you can trust but is also trusted by tons of users around the globe.

Stops Targeted Advertising

When a user shops online, he receives similar targeted ads later on. Avast Antitrack stops all such ads. It does so because there is a possibility that you might end opening doors for malware to attract on your PC. The software keeps all the possibilities sealed away from your system. 

Automatic Blocking of Trackers

If any party is trying to access the user’s location, the anti-tracking software blocks such access and informs the user about the same. It restricts those attacks in real-time and immediately exposes who is trying to invade your privacy. 

Real-time Notifications

To keep the user’s utmost satisfaction, Avast provides real-time notifications to the user when someone tries to access the user’s location. This not only helps you to take action as quickly as possible but it also helps to detect the source of malicious actions.

Allow or Deny Location Access

Through the software, the user can allow or deny any outsider from accessing the location, all with a single click. It works more like a restricted fortress that allows only the admin to let another pass through it via a password or simply permission.

Digital Fingerprint Masking

The most common way to access the information of any user is by monitoring his digital fingerprint. Avast Antitrack masks the digital fingerprint of the user from outside sources. 

Hidden Browse History

With just a single click, the user can add a layer of protection to their browsing history. You can even choose to automatically erase cookies, history, and other internet traces with ease.

Pros of Avast Antitrack:

The following are the main benefits of downloading and installing Avast Antitrack:

  • Protection of location from access to outsiders
  • Intuitive interface which is easy to understand for all
  • Hides your browser history by clearing it regularly
  • Compatible with all the major browsers
  • Hides the original data from your online profiles

Cons of Avast Antitrack

The following are the main drawbacks of Avast Antitrack:

  • The free version has limited features
  • The trial period is very short.
  • Maybe a little confusing for novice users

Comparison Between Free and Premium Versions of Avast Antitrack

The makers of Avast Antitrack provide two types of versions of the software one is free and the other one is paid. Here’s how both versions are different from each other:

Free VersionPremium Version
Can use it for 30 days only Can use it till the subscription lasts
Does not stop targeted adsStops targeted ads
Does not remove digital fingerprintsRemoves digital fingerprints
No access to all the features of the softwareComplete access to all the features of the software

Anybody can get the premium version by purchasing the license key or activation code of Avast Antitrack. 

Common Queries about Avast AntiTrack

If you still have queries about the software, you can have a look at the segment below:

Q1. What does Avast AntiTrack do?

Avast AntoTrack keeps your identity safe from online tracking techniques and also performs various actions to protect your Windows system. It injects fake information into your data that ends up being your digital fingerprint. It also erases tracking cookies and other such data from your system for the same.

Q2. Is Avast AntiTrack a VPN?

Avast AntiTrack is software that is designed to keep your online identity safe by blocking viruses, trojans, and malware. whereas VPN products are particularly designed to hide your location by encrypting your connection. 

Q3. Can Avast block adware?

Yes, Avast has the required abilities to restrict the adware to affect your system. It certainly can not directly block them. 

Q4. What are the system requirements for Avast AntiTrack Premium?

  • OS: Windows 10,8/8.1,7
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above
  • 512 MB minimum
  • 300 MB free disk space
  • Stable internet connection
  • 1027*768 pixels

Q5. How can I install Avast AntiTrack?

To download and install Avast AntiTrack, follow the instructions below:

  • Click on the Download button for Avast above.
  • Wait till the download is complete.
  • Rightclcik on the downloaded installation file and select Run as administration to continue.
  • Lastly, follow the on-screen instructions to install Avast.

Q6. What are the top alternatives to Avast AntiTrack Premium?

The following are the software you can download that are similar to Avast AntiTrack:

Bottom Line

If any user wants outsiders to stop accessing his location, he should download the free license of Avast Antitrack. It is recommended that the user check out the demo version first and secure his data and location from tracking. In this world of the internet, it is very important to secure family and friends from digital attacks. Install the software and stop websites and software from accessing your location by hiding your digital fingerprint. 


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